What is .NET?

.NET can be used to build a wide variety of applications, including desktop apps, mobile apps, games, web apps, and IoT devices. The .NET system includes tools, libraries, and languages that support modern, scalable, and high-performance software development. Because it is open-source, .NET can also take advantage of many libraries, languages, and editors. Programmers can write .NET applications using C#, Visual Basic or F#. Applications can then be pushed from .NET to Windows, Linux, or MacOS. An active developer community maintains and supports the .NET platform. Furthermore, .NET has a very active community of thousands of developers. With such a vibrant community, there is an extensive library of resources available for both beginners and advanced users.

DotNet training in Navi Mumbai

This framework is used to build various applications including desktop, web, mobile, gaming and IoT applications. The platform includes a set of libraries, runtimes and development tools that enable developers to build applications using various programming languages such as C#, F# and Visual Basic. .NET is designed to simplify software development by providing a consistent programming model and a common set of APIs that can be used across different operating systems and devices. It allows developers to write code once and deploy it across multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Why learn DotNet ?

Choosing a dot net course is the best option for your career development as dot net framework is widely used in many fields these days. But not everyone knows the benefits and scope of dot net learning. .NET, being a favorite framework for developers, offers many opportunities. Because of its use in enterprise-level development, chances of landing a job in a high-tech company are high. .NET is one of the programming frameworks that can primarily help in creating apps easily and more efficiently. Apart from these advantages, Asp.Net has a large number of libraries and extensions that can be used to create web and desktop applications. Like Java, Asp allows code threading, so multiple codes can be executed simultaneously.

Compared to other languages, .NET is a versatile programming language. Because these software tools can be created in various system environments, dot net courses and dot net developers are in high demand which can lead to the best career development. As Asp.net core certification course plays an important role in building your career, it can be seen that Asp.Net is a popular choice when it comes to web development. But, the IT field is constantly changing, and programming languages can be very hit-and-miss. Every year, new programming languages are introduced with new features that are much more advanced than their predecessors. Despite this, Asp.Net is still considered to be the most advanced programming language out there and hence is a great career choice.

DotNet course details

  • Our teachers have more than 10 years of experience with Master Degree
  • Lectures are held 4 days during the week and 1/2 day on weekends
  • DotNet course duration is 52 weeks.
  • Teaching Language: English/Hindi/Marathi